8 Amazon Decor Buys That Look Expensive But Arent

07 Sep 2018

Like most people, I get a ton of things from Amazon. But decor doesn't ever seem to be one of them. I'm not sure if it's the infinite options available or the fact that sometimes it's hard to tell the quality of a product (especially something functional like a chair) from the small photos. But as seen in this post about surprisingly high-end looking Target finds, spotting something stylish in a house tour can be an informative and persuasive shopping tool.

Below are some finds from Amazon spotted in recent house tours that look pretty darn good. From purely decorative to functionally beautiful, might one of these Amazon decor items be right for your home?

In Habiba Koroma's Harlem rental apartment, the latest trendy plaid pattern pops up in her graphic bedroom. While it looks like nice drapes from a high-end store, the panels are from Amazon.

Also found in Habiba's home was another Amazon find: this Turkish towel.

Heather Alexander lives in a teeny 300-square-foot studio apartment. With a home this small, basically everything is on display, so you have to make sure all of your stuff looks good. Heather invested in a very adorable, mint green microwave from Amazon, and her small kitchen's better for it.

These sexy blush pink velvet dining chairs in Troy Solomon and Ian Mofford's home look like they'd be fancy/pricey buys from a boutique store, but they're from Amazon! Looks like the beautiful blush color is no longer available though.

Adam LaGreca and Gabriela Gallegos had to compromise when it came to sharing a small NYC apartment, but they didn't have to compromise on style or budget when it came to furnishing it. In fact, this brass bar cart—which features an eye-catching geometric shape — is an affordable Amazon find.

It's hard to take your eyes off of the cute chickens and other pets in cocktail genius Kate Richards' Los Angeles house. But she's also gifted in design, and her home features a fun mix of modern farmhouse style plus lots of patterns. One of the patterned rugs she lists in her home's resources is this black and white graphic rug she found on Amazon.

Another great budget velvet chair buy from Amazon can be see in Elaine Burns' teeny studio apartment. She likes them so much — and apparently found the price right — she actually has two of the chairs in her home!

Grace Flynn and her boyfriend, Tyler Tronson, share a small 425-square-foot space in Queens. And while there's not much room for decor "extras" in such a tiny home, you've got to find a place for a little bit of fun. Grace did so with this small disco ball — yes I'm counting this as decor! — she found on Amazon. (It's right below the TV in the above image if you can't spot it — a subtle bit of Disco flair.)

This post originally ran on Apartment Therapy. See it there: 8 Amazon Decor Buys That Look Expensive (But Aren't)

Source: thekitchn.com

Published on 07 Sep 2018